Asleep in the Land of Nod (Complete Series)


This devotional is a complete study of the book Asleep in the Land of Nod. The day after you text in your keyword, you will receive thirty days of thoughts from the devotional and a link to the complete devotional. You do not need to own a copy of the book, but you will need to have access to the internet on your phone for this study. If you already own the book and would like to receive daily text reminders of the prayer focuses, purchase Asleep in the Land of Nod Companion Study text devotionals.

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  • Published by Prayer Connect
  • Written by Dave Butts

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What will wake up sleepy Christians in the Land of Nod? Only a fresh awakening to the Presence of Christ in their midst! This is not a call to a new program for waking the sleeping. Enough of our programs! It is a call for repentance and a return to the presence of Christ. It is a call for Revival!

This revival will happen as pastors and church leaders lead their congregations in prayers of humility and repentance for trying to do the Lord’s work apart from his strength and empowerment. It will happen as preachers covenant to preach Christ and Him alone. It will happen as individual believers resolve to seek his face in a fresh, new way. It will happen as our hearts join with the heart of David as he prays, “My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face Lord, I will seek” (Psalm 27:8).

Why not take 30 days to pray that God awakens your heart and your church to long again for His presence? Use this devotional series with other like-hearted people and watch what God stirs up in your midst.

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