What are Text Message Devotionals?

An SMS (short message service) Devotional is a text message that contains inspiring, uplifting or thought provoking content that is delivered to your mobile device each and every day at a specified time. No launching an application or going to a website or looking through your inbox. Just a DING and there it is! You can get prayer prompts to help you pray for specific purposes or you can select a series to accompany a small group study or you can just select a standard devotional to help you get started each day. We provide devotional series on a wide variety of topics and provided by some of the most trusted publishers of Christian Content.

Support a Ministry
And not only will you find your daily text devotional a wonderful aid in your spiritual journey, but you can also support your favorite ministry with each subscription. When you subscribe to an SMS Devotional series, we donate 30% of the total purchase amount to a GreaterTexting partner ministry of your choice.

If you represent a non-profit ministry, school or church and would like to become a GreaterTexting partner ministry, click here to learn more and apply.

They make a great gift!
SMS Devotionals can make a wonderful gift too! Devotionals are a great way to start each day and by having them delivered directly to your mobile device, you are sure to stop for a minute to read or pray and get just that certain thought or verse you needed to hear. To make your gift even more personal, you can include a free gift message with every subscription you activate. Best of all, you can subscribe now and schedule the first message to arrive on any day or time you prefer!

What kind of phone do you need to receive them?

Any cell phone in the United States that can receive text messages can be used to receive SMS devotionals. Some of our devotional series also include a link to a mobile web page that may include a full page of text and images. These "mobi" pages are only accessible on web-enabled phones. To make browsing easy, each subscription is labeled "SMS Only" or "Mobile Web".

At this moment our devotionals are only available to subscribers in the US.

View a sample!

Text smsdevo to 59769 to receive an example of an SMS-only devotional or enter your number below.
Text mobidevo to 59769 to receive an example of a Mobile Web devotional or enter your phone number below.

Mobile Devotionals make a great gift!

If you're not sure what devotional series your loved ones would be interested in most, why not give them a gift certificate and let them decide for themselves?
This FREE devotional will send you a Scripture quoting Jesus followed by a thought provoking question or comment every day for 7 days.  What better way to keep your mind on Jesus during your day than to be reminded of his own words from scripture? Prayer doesn’t have to be dull. There are lots of creative ways to talk to our creative God! Here are 30 great ones you can try.
Works with all major mobile carriers

Works on all major carriers